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Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and one of the most beautiful lands of the planet. Crossroads of many civilizations over the centuries, Sicily along with Greece can be considered the cradle of Western civilization. The peoples who for centuries have settled in the island as well as determine the actual wonderful character of the Sicilian people, they have inherited a cultural and artistic heritage that is unique in the world. A mild climate and unspoiled nature in some ways, wonderful islands and islets, the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean seabed charming, active volcanoes, mountains and plains, make Sicily a tourist destination not to be missed.

Taormina is a town of about 10,780 inhabitants that is located in Sicily, in the province of Messina.Il territory of Taormina stretches along the coast from Capo Sant'Andrea to Capo Taormina, where you will find the picturesque beaches of Mazzarò, Lido Taormina and Isola Bella.Abitata since archaic times the Sicilians and the inhabitants of "Zancle", in 403 BC was the scene of more immigration from the nearby Naxos was destroyed by Dionysius, the famous tyrant of Syracuse; occupied by the Greeks, it became a federated city of Rome and in 34 BC Octavian founded a colonia.Nei following centuries it was ruled by the Byzantines and Normans, and then enter the domain of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilie.Oggi Taormina is a health resort, and tourist resort of international reputation and its economy is based mainly on tourism and cultural. On July 9, we celebrate Saint Pancras of Taormina, the city's patron saint.

They have defined the "seven pearls of the Mediterranean", because they are islands of extraordinary charm. It is always active volcanoes and when you approach one can not help but be encouraged to explore. Panarea is the smallest but also the most popular with young people and offers a pretty good nightlife. Who goes to Vulcano can not immegersi least for a minute in the natural lake of hot mud. Lipari, the largest, is called the white mountain because it consists of the pumice stone that floats in water. Salina is the island that has fascinated Massimo Troisi in fact and there that was filmed the movie "Il Postino", is also famous for its capers and the production of the famous Malvasia nectar of the gods. Stromboli looks like a huge giant black plume for when the sun goes down you can see the flame of the volcano a unique spectacle in the world. Remain Alicudi and Filicudi are the oldest and both with extraordinary beauty as they are the most pristine. This is because in the evening, as night life, do not offer much choice. So they are frequented mainly by people who want to relax as much as possible while enjoying unique landscapes. Our advice to those visiting them all because it's really worth.

Today's Gioiosa Marea relaxing on the coast to the plateau and gentle slopes towards the sea on cloudless invetria seabed, arose in the late eighteenth century. Although in fact reported in the middle of the nineteenth century and the candor of the elegant and efficient rationality of recent architecture, walled gray, earthy, eroded to live in the structure of stone and lime, with a Mediterranean arches in rusticated stone but possess stuck date of existing settlements and materials previously used in the construction of the oldest City. Urban development has them for luck incorporated and certainly saved the total decay, with almost taste spontaneous appreciation and continuity of the story. And as all cities, you could say, retain the evidence of the past in its urban structure, however it is rare, if not exceptional, that a city founded and developed following an exodus that lasted over time, it appears then built with stones, materials and building techniques of pre-existing in the same urban design of ancient, that in this case its Castle ruins on Monte Guardia, in less than 7 kilometers from the coast.

Geographically Capo d'Orlando lies on the northern coast of Sicily, with the view of the Aeolian Islands, between Cape Calavà and Cefalu. The district has an area estimated in 1,456 hectares and consists of a sub-hilly coastal strip that stretches of the Tyrrhenian Sea between the mouth of the river to the east of Santa Carra and that the torrent of Zappulla to the west, and measure more than 10 Km of selvedge coastal. Morphologically the territory can be divided into two distinct parts: the plain triangle very elongated, between the current town of the capital and the course of the torrent of Zappulla terminal; and its sub-hilly terrain, with slopes sometimes remarkable and characterized by rock masses such as singular Cape who gave his name to the town. La Piana, alluvial and rich in water, it still looks great carpet formed by dense evergreen citrus grove that covers it.

Cefalu is mentioned for the first time by the scholar Diodorus of Sicily in 396 BC but the city stands out for its typical Medieval. Starting from Piazza Garibaldi and continuing for over Roger up the splendid Piazza del Duomo has already started to enjoy the atmosphere of this beautifully unspoiled pearl of the Mediterranean. Built on a promontory dominated by a cliff overlooking the town has preserved its ancient appearance, around the cathedral built by Roger II. In the narrow streets of the center, the Medieval style, facing palaces adorned with architectural decorations and many churches that reveal the importance of his bishopric. Of particular charm the village, with its ancient houses facing the sea and the long sandy beach, one of the most beautiful in the northern coast.

Mondello and 'developed a few kilometers away from Palermo, and actually the location' and 'between the beaches Palermo more' famous. The site runs along the small bay enclosed between Monte Gallo and Monte Pellegrino. The city 'is thanks to a fishing village born around a trap. Of this ancient structure in effect until the beginning of 1900 now it remains only the local memory - the rooms used to trap have been converted for other commercial purposes - and a fifteenth-century cylindrical tower. The surrounding land was swampy until early 1900, when it was carried un'ingente reclamation. Mondello stands out above all for its natural beauty. The sea that bathes has unique colors and backdrops rich in a splendid vegetation and submarine caverns and fascinating rocks.

The village of San Vito was born around the actual Sanctuary, the result of numerous construction alternated over the centuries. The first "factory", built around the year 300, it was a small chapel dedicated to San Vito martyr, patron of the country: Legend has it that the young Vito, mazarese patrician son of a high official of Rome, has had to flee his hometown along with the nurse Crescentia and all'istitutore Modesto, who had converted to Christianity to escape persecution ordered by Diocletian; after two days of sailing north, a storm forced the ship of Vito to land in a bay sheltered from the wind, sheltered by a rocky cape well known by sailors of the time (or Egitarso Egitallo his name) and here the three would try to convert the villagers Conturrana, which stood about three kilometers from the sea, under a high rock.

Castellammare del Golfo (Casteddammari in siciliano) è un comune di circa 15.000 abitanti della provincia di Trapani. Castellammare nasce come Emporium Segestanorum (porto della vicina Segesta) e fino all'arrivo degli Arabi la sua storia si identifica con quella della città elima. Si ipotizza che l'emporio esistesse già a partire almeno dagli inizi del V secolo a.C.. Testimonianze in tal senso si ricavano sia dagli scritti di Erodoto sia da quelli di Diodoro Siculo e di Tucidide, che a proposito della spedizione ateniese in Sicilia del 415 a.C., più volte parla di navi che andavano o venivano da Segesta. A fare esplicito riferimento al porto segestano sono però Strabone e il geografo Tolomeo, che tuttavia da una errata collocazione del sito, forse per un mero errore materiale nella trasmissione del testo.Con l'arrivo degli arabi agli inizi dell'800 il paese prende il nome di Al Madarig ("la scalinata", nome che sembra derivare dalla scalinata che dalla parte più alta del bastione fortificato conduceva al porto). Sono gli arabi a realizzare il primo nucleo del castello poi ampliato dai Normanni.

Other archipelago, but always beautiful natural scenery and sea, it is one of the Pelagie, formed by the most famous Lampedusa and Linosa and lamp and falls within the province of Agrigento. The discreet distance from Sicily certainly penalizes the archipelago a binder in a position of isolation often forced and caused by sea conditions that may hinder connections. But the fact also has its positive value as it allows to protect the high environmental and natural value of zona.L'arcipelago is formed, as has been said, three islands diverse from each other but are a safe tourist site in Sicily. The island of Lampedusa is certainly the most famous of this group. In it you will find archaeological finds related to the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs, elements that enrich the already considerable natural beauty of the place, for example, represented by sponge or Cala Maluk, the rock of Sacramento and one of the Rabbits. Geologically the island is closer to the African continent and allows you to admire fauna and flora characteristics and really made, for example, animals such as the grasshopper panfango. Sightseeing of the island, as well as to regret a better organization and a better settlement construction, you can admire a unique landscape, as for example the boat ride that allows you to admire the coastline that offers the best show especially in the stretch between Capo Ponente and Punta Cappellone.Le beaches known for their fine golden beach offer more naturalistic ideas really interesting. The island could also encompass religious itinerary thanks to the shrine dedicated to its patron saint, "La Madonna di Lampedusa", also known by the nickname of "Our Lady of Porto Salvo". What matters in this church it is above all its ancient origin because, apparently, was already present at the time of the Crusades.

The 'island of Linosa is known as the black pearl of Sicily for its volcanic origins and owes its richness to the presence of a slice of pristine beach with its seabed rich in spiers and caves and also with varied and colorful marine life. The island offers a real natural heritage is very rich and attractive especially for lovers of diving. The vegetation in this land deserves to be mentioned for its beauty, admirable especially in spring, the natural period of fioritura.Per finish the enunciation of its features, we can not help but mention its historic past, beginning Roman and Arab influences.
The island of Linosa is known as the black pearl of Sicily for its volcanic origins and owes its richness to the presence of a slice of pristine beach with its seabed rich in spiers and caves and also with varied and colorful marine life. The island offers a real natural heritage is very rich and attractive especially for lovers of diving. The vegetation in this land deserves to be mentioned for its beauty, admirable especially in spring, the natural period of fioritura.Per finish the enunciation of its features, we can not help but mention its historic past, beginning Roman and Arab influences.
Marina di Modica is headed, territorially, the nearby town of Modica, and is mainly a summer resort. The nightclubs and shops remain largely closed during the winter and the low season, and the village is very compared to summer. E ', however, for the less loving crowds and mass tourism, this is the best time to spend their holidays or days, away from the busy city, with confidence and with a temperature much higher than the city and comfortable , even in winter. The small bay of Marina di Modica is considered a paradise for surfers and windsurfers, local or otherwise, enjoying, thanks to its special exhibition of favorable wind conditions. The numerous hotels, situated right next to the village and the presence of shops, nightclubs and discos make it the ideal place for an amusing summer holiday.


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