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Pantelleria Island

L'isola di Pantelleria e i DammusiDammuso

Bent-el-Riah, the ancient name of the island of Pantelleria which apparently means daughter of the winds, is situated between Sicily and Tunisia, respectively 85 km and 70 km away from one another. It was colonized by the Phoenicians and Carthaginians and the Romans took possession in 217 BC It was then conquered by the Arabs and later by the Normans from which she was released in 1123.

The main center is located at the foot of Mount Elmo, stretching around the harbor and is dominated by a massive castle of ancient origin and rebuilt in the eighteenth century.

The landscape is largely mountainous, green and wild; the coasts are splendid and magnificent hidden caves. The island is of volcanic origin, you can still see many craters (Cuddie) and geothermal manifestations such as hot springs and jets of water vapor. The boat tour allows you to discover the most hidden areas of the island, the show is exciting: beautiful coasts, towering cliffs, enchanting beaches accompanied by transparencies and reflections of water. The marine environment is one of the most intact Mediterranean: lush seagrass meadows, coral reefs rich in gorgonians and the rare black coral. The sea is rich in fish and are common encounters with stingrays, whales and dolphins. Frequent these waters also groups of pilot whales or pilot whales and other marine animals. He recently made his reappearance monk seals. The dives that you can do are endless; specific mention diving in Punta Fram and cutting Scauri

On the island are widespread typical constructions: Pantelleria gardens and dammusi. The former are cylindrical structures masonry whose main function is to protect crops in their own areas, usually citrus fruits; dammusi instead are lodgings in stone cube- shaped covered with white domed roofs. Dammusi back to the time of the Phoenicians and were modified by the Romans who inserted the domed roof to collect water; This was conveyed in tanks that made water reserves for the long summer. On the island are the remains of an ancient Neolithic village (Murcia) from the Bronze Age and unique megalithic tombs, the Sesi, dome-shaped with inside small cells. The island of Pantelleria has a very fertile soil and this has encouraged the development of agriculture. Fishing instead played a complementary role. The typical crops are the capers (Protected Geographical Indication) and the raisins from which we get the famous raisin.

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