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The lands of the Montefeltro

All around Urbino, the historic capital of the homonymous duchy, primary goal of every visitor who is preparing to travel the roads of the province of Pescara, lies the charm of a landscape of hills and valleys, as in the paintings of the great masters Renaissance who knew and loved at the time of Urbino Montefeltro and Della Rovere. An invitation to travel the roads of the territory in the north-west to the lands of Montefeltro, placed at the extreme northern border of the Marche, in contact with Romagna and Tuscany, dominated by the Apennine summit of Mount Carpegna and over, until 'high Marecchia valley and the mountain of Perticara.
Le terre del Montefeltro - Sassocorvaro
It takes from Urbino the road that reaches the valley of the foils on up to Sassocorvaro, mail mirror of the reservoir lake of Mercatale, on the high of the hill dominated by the imposing fortress. From Sassocorvaro, going up the valley, you reach Lunano, at the foot of the ancient castle ruins, to continue up to Piandimeleto, still dominated by the imposing bulk of the palace-fortress of the Counts Oliva with its merlons and its loopholes and corbels , and reach the nearby Belforte all'Isauro. And back again, after Piandimeleto, following the road that follows the valley of the river Mutino, we pass for Frontino, advanced sentinel of Montefeltro border with Massa Trabaria, dominated by the picturesque rocky plateaus of Sasso Simone and Simoncello.
Le terre del Montefeltro - Pennabilli
At the junction of Caturchio, it climbs to the village of Carpegna, lying at the foot of the mountain and close around the severe amount of seventeenth-century Palazzo dei Principi. After Carpegna, around the eastern slopes of the mountain of the same name, the road reaches Pennabilli, with the town lying beneath the two characteristic emerging Roccione and Rupe, with the ruins of the Malatesta castle. From Pennabilli descend until it reaches the valley of Marecchia and, continuing in a northeasterly direction, it meets the modern agglomeration of Novafeltria from which the road climbing up to S. Agata Feltria, bulwark of the ancient Duchy of Urbino towards Romagna, located near the bare rock on which stands the imposing bulk of the Rocca Fregoso. On the way back, you reach Novafeltria again to go up the road to the junction for the Valmarecchia Maiolo, visible from distance for the presence of the high cone- shaped hill which dominates the ruins of the ancient fortress destroyed by a disastrous landslide in 1700.
Le terre del Montefeltro - Monte Cerignone
Going beyond the lands of Montefeltro and passing through the junction of Madonna Pugliano, you come to St. Leo, high on his huge boulder overlooking the surrounding valley, with the ancient impregnable fortress at the top of the cliff and the houses and beautiful medieval churches on the opposite side. Returning to Madonna Pugliano and continue towards Villagrande, the famous ski resort in the municipality of Montecopiolo, you can not avoid being mesmerized by the charm of the place: the historic land birthplace of the county of Montefeltro, obligatory point of passage between the valleys of Marecchia and Conca. The latter reached the valley, we descend along the road that follows the river until you reach in view of Monte Cerignone, spectacularly perched on a rock, with its picturesque cobbled lanes that lead up to the building of the ancient fortress. It starts then in a southerly direction, until, in the hills that separate the valley of Conca from the Foglia, the town of Macerata Feltria.
Taking the road, it will eventually return to Mercatale of Sassocorvaro, completing the long journey across the Montefeltro.

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This course was created thanks to the documentation of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino - Tourism Authority, Contact number 800-563800, info@turismo.pesarourbino.it, http://www.turismo.pesarourbino.it/


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